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Most blog writers would warn against dating a piece too much to avoid being disregarded in the future. But after a little research, I realized how special today actually is. You see, it’s Monday, November 1, 2021. It turns out we won’t see another month begin on a Monday until August 2022. Depending on the year, the first day of any month falling on a Monday only happens one to three times each year. It will only happen once in 2022 and in 2023. You may be wondering why this matters. What’s the big deal?

Some of us haven’t yet wrapped our heads around the fact that each and every moment is an opportunity to begin, re-dedicate, turn the corner, or start the program. Instead, we put our goals and better choices off until the next Monday, the beginning of the next month, or the ever-fateful January 1st. Today we have the support of November 1st falling on a Monday! So, with two excuses off the table, it’s a perfect day to begin.

The simple question of how often this happens came to me while I was taking a walk on the beach a few days ago. Not an exercise type of walk, but one for the enjoyment of the sunrise, the water rushing over my feet, and the shells whispering, “Take me home!” For this walk, I didn’t have my typical heart pumping playlist ringing through my earbuds. I chose music that quiets my mind and inspires my soul. This walk brought other flashes of insights and inspirations that made me regret not having a little notepad with me. But my biggest takeaway was that nature is speaking to us. Are we listening? Are we walking her beaches, strolling her parks, or sitting beneath her wise old trees? She doesn’t share her wisdom with a booming voice, but in the song of a bird, the warmth of the sun, and the clarity of mind that happens when we connect with her. It doesn’t take long, 15-20 minutes, to allow her to discharge the mental chatter and replenish it with inspiration.

What have you been meaning to begin? Today, Monday, November 1, 2021, just weeks before Thanksgiving, is a perfect time to commit (or re-commit) a little time each day toward your goal. And if you don’t have a particular goal, it’s still a great time to reap the benefits of being in nature. Maybe even setting the intention to walk in nature 15 -20 minutes a day for the next 30 days. That’s potentially a mile a day, which can have its own physical benefits. Going barefoot at a local park or beach may be ideal for added grounding benefits but walking around your block and appreciating your surroundings can also contribute to a healthier state of mind. Take a little notebook with you so you can jot down what you see, smell, how you feel before and after, and any revelations that strike like lightning. I have forgotten more inspirational gems than I’ve remembered from that walk but have since picked up a small journal for the next walk…today’s walk.

Oh, and by the way, if you’re looking for some inspirational, mantra-style music, I highly recommend, “Kundalini Chillout: Liquid Mantra Remixes,” by DJ Krishan. You can find it on Amazon and Amazon Music.

May the inward journey you choose to begin, be accompanied by the warmth, love, and whispers of Mother Nature.

Julie Schnell

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