Cast Your Light

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We are just a few weeks from spring, but the weight of the world is in every newscast and each headline. The air is thick with suspicion, anger, and uncertainty. Yet, there is a murmur. A growing resonance of hope and harmony. A determination by many to meet these dark times with the light that has been safely burning within. Moments of fear may arise as you step into this uncharted landscape, or maybe you’re afraid your flame isn’t steady enough. But we know all too well that even the smallest of flames can cast tiny embers that result in raging (and cleansing) fires.

Kindness, love, and compassion, in thought and in deed, on good days and bad. These are some of the gifts from the universe that we can share. The ways are countless, and many are unique only to you. Close your eyes and imagine: the simple kindness of holding the door for a “stranger.” That action leaves a signature of love that acts like a magnet to the universe which responds with a beam of sunlight to flood the space. Soon, one kind act after another, sunbeams streak the sky and the individual spaces gradually become one light.

Be patient and steadfast. Light exposes the darkness, but don’t expect that it will fade away without hissing in the corner like a threatened viper. Whatever form of darkness is showing up for you right now, meet it with your light. You don’t have to be the strongest, loudest, or most convincing. Instead, commit fully to your part - gentleness, acceptance, and flexibility. Leave your signatures of love wherever you go and let the universe do the rest.

The brightness is growing. Now is the time to cast far and wide. In an age when we are connected to the world, your impact goes far beyond your local efforts. It joins a current of light that rushes like the wind over this parched planet and rains beams of sunlight into all the dark places. The path may be dark, but the way is clear. Cast your light outward so your eyes may behold what your soul already knows. Just as expected, the light prevails.

Blessings on your journey!

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