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It’s okay to choose again, and the best time to do that is NOW!

I used to enjoy thinking about the goals I wanted to make into my New Year’s resolutions. That is until a few years of not making it into the spring season. Then I tried monthly goals, but had to start on the first. Weekly goals had to start on Monday, or why bother….you probably get where I’m going here.

It’s only been in recent years that I’ve come to realize that lasting success happens in the moment to moment choices, rather than the lofty goals. The big picture may give us something to stretch for, but the small victories build self-confidence, and self-reliance. Once I realize I can trust myself in tempting situations the lofty goal not only becomes attainable, but turns into a spring board for the next highest version of myself.

There’s a voice inside each one of us that always knows the way and clearly sees the potential. I myself have often cried louder than the voice whispered, burying the wisdom within so deeply that I couldn’t comprehend its existence. The phrase with age comes wisdom certainly rings truer once you hit the age. Now I can see that it’s not the firsts of the month, or the Mondays that matter, but the moment to moment choices. Every single second is filled with a lifetime of different outcomes because each choice is a building block of a possible future. Am I making a choice that serves my desires and goals, or taking me away from them?

As spiritual beings, age is such a tricky thing for us. Our bodies age according to how we’ve cared for or abused them. Our minds gain knowledge of the world through the lenses of our perceptions, which can be all kinds of askew. All the while our soul is dancing in the breeze, young and agile, wanting to play and enjoy life. I can feel my soul stirring inside with the unbridled enthusiasm of a child. Then I move & my body reminds me of a different version of myself; one that’s made some choices that haven’t served my highest good.

But, as we’ve discussed, it’s the moment to moment choices that matter. The good thing is there’s another moment right around the corner. And even better news is that we live in a forgiving universe, always supporting our spiritual evolution, so it’s happy to offer us as many times as we need to choose again. We could take a lesson about forgiveness and be kind to ourselves when we make choices which don’t align with our goals. We’re complicated beings with loads of accumulated baggage (karma), some our own, and much of it assumed from others along our path. The road to a higher vibrational life is often curvy and involves highs and lows. Over time, you can step back and see your progress with the wide angle lens of the loving universe, take pride in the tremendous progress you’ve made, and be inspired to continue.

We don’t have to wait until Monday, the first of the month, or even next New Year’s Day. The time is now, the choice is yours.

Blessings on your journey!


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