Dirty Fuel

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We all know the importance of putting the proper fuel in our vehicles. If we use something other than what’s recommended, we could suffer the consequences on the side of the road waiting for assistance. To avoid that, most of us do what we need to do to keep our vehicles running in the best shape we can. When we realize how dependent our everyday lives are on our vehicles, we fuel up with the proper gasoline, make sure the engine has oil and the radiator has water (or antifreeze), and even check the tires now and then. After all, we have lives to live, jobs to get to, fun things to do, and our automobiles are how we get there.

So, what’s the disconnect when it comes to our bodies? These divinely designed earth suits are far more complex and sensitive to their surroundings than our cars. Pierre Teilhard de Chardin said, “We are spiritual beings having a human experience.” We are completely dependent on our bodies for every aspect of our lives. How well we breathe and move definitely affects how much we engage in all this life has to offer.

And what’s the fuel we provide for these intricate systems we so keenly identify with? Pastries, chips, candy, cheeseburgers, and soda? We may kid ourselves with the occasional salad thinking it can clean away a weeks’ worth of non-food indulging. But, we even manage to muck-up the salad by turning it into yet another thing that’s difficult for our bodies to digest. Like most things in nature, our bodies prefer simple ingredients, and the less confusing we make it, the better the nutritional assimilation that occurs. The best rule of thumb, keep it simple. If you have more ingredients than fingers, it’s probably too much😊

Our tastebuds have been hijacked by the food industry, and our bodies are paying the price by breaking down far earlier than research is now showing is possible for us. The occasional treat is not the problem. It’s that the sugars, salt, and chemicals hidden in many of our foods are extremely addictive and nearly impossible for many of us to turn away from once the saliva starts running.

NOW is a perfect time to give your body the break it’s been asking you for. You know those aches and pains, the headaches, inflammation, disease, and all the rest? It’s your body talking to you. It needs a break from packaged and processed and wants, no, needs, a week of fresh, real, whole food. A week will definitely help your body, but depending on what your diet has been, it may take longer for your tastebuds to return to normal, as they have become dependent on the assault of salt and sugar in most food-like items these days.

A week of fruit, vegetables, and the best protein you can afford, or 30 days if you really want to allow your body time to release all the built-up debris from the dirty fuel it’s been processing. If you go on vacation and indulge in all the great food the new location has to offer, give your body a vacation for the same number of days when you return home. If holiday extravagance adds a few gifts to your waistline? Take a break. You’d be surprised how quickly your body can rebound when given the proper fuel. You are not your body or the shape it may currently be in. But your body is most certainly your partner while you’re here. Show it some appreciation by making improvements in the fuel you consume.  

Blessings on your journey!

Julie Schnell

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