Falling Together

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When you’re working on a dream it can feel like you’re in the Matrix. Like Keanu, you’re floating in slow motion, surrounded by all the pieces that must come together for your dream to be realized. There is a steady tension of impatience for its arrival and confidence in the timing of the universe.

Then, like gravity kicking in, all those pieces start falling together. Some in ways you planned and others you couldn’t have anticipated. When we allow ourselves to trust God’s timing, we can relax into the flow and enjoy the journey of our unfolding dreams.

Put your dream out there, describe what you can currently conceive with as much detail as possible. Leave room for God’s embellishments which are beyond your comprehension but always for the highest good. Journal about your dream life, write about all the amazing “coincidences” that happen along the way to its realization.

Like puzzles you can work on that have 9 pieces to 1,000 pieces or more, God had his hand on each and every one. Even if you don’t have all your edges together, eventually you will see your dreams falling together.

Blessings on your journey!

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