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In a world full of chaos, the art of focus is becoming more and more difficult to hone. At any one time there are multiple things competing for our attention, and if we try to satisfy all of them at once we sacrifice clarity of mind and understanding. To make the math easy, let’s say you’re giving your attention to 10 things. That means each thing is averaging 10% of your attention. Is that enough to convey affection to your child or loved one? Does 10% give life to your dreams? Will 10% of effort get you from where you are to where you want to be?

Being present to the moment is something most of us need to work on, but since we are increasingly connected to almost everything, it’s the ability to filter out all the noise and focus on what really matters to us that can bring balance and meaning to our lives while reaching for our goals.

It can be a challenge to retrain yourself to slow down and focus, but the rewards are well worth the effort. Imagine how your relationship with your child may change if you gave them even half an hour of your undivided attention compared to 10% of your chaotic mind. What if you looked your spouse in the eyes when you say “I love you” and even held their hand instead of muttering your love for them under a quick breath while making sure the dishes get washed. How about spending time crafting your future with the precision and clarity of a singular goal, rather than tossing a hundred “maybe somedays” into the air just hoping one might work out.

If you’re like me, the thought of choosing ONE goal to focus on is challenging. The experts all suggest starting with one thing. It doesn’t mean it has to be the only thing forever, but it helps you gain momentum, confidence, and even more clarity. As you grow and change so can your goals.

Your time is precious, and each moment is a steppingstone. You can move toward your goals, press pause, or derail them. You can nurture a relationship, give half-hearted attention, or leave someone feeling like they don’t matter. It’s your focus that determines the quality of each moment. Choose to harness the opportunity to fully engage and appreciate the moments that make a beautiful day turn into a wonderful life.

Blessings on your journey!

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