It's All Good

Julie Schnell

It’s All Good

By: Julie Schnell

Dawn breaks,
waves crash,
stars fade away.
All signaling it’s time for you to rise and shine.

Take a new route,
do a new thing,
tell a new story.
End the day with fewer burdens than when you began.

Lighter in mind because you released thoughts no longer serving you.
Lighter in heart because you chose love over ego.
Lighter in soul because you made choices based on your highest good.

Greet each day with an eagerness to grow,
realizing that as a spiritual being, growth is not about accumulation and gain,
but about releasing, letting go, and remembering who you are.

Release your fears because you are powerful.
Release your judgement because you are love.
Release your story because you are a creator.

Sun sets,
birds rest,
life becomes still.
Time to restore, replenish, revive.

Lay your head down with a grateful heart - for all the wins, and all the lessons.

Sleep, release, repeat.


It’s all good.


Blessings on your journey!

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