It's Go Time!

Julie Schnell

I don’t recall ever being so excited for a new year to begin, and “It’s Go Time!” is the phrase that has been running through my head for the past few weeks in anticipation of meeting this new year.

It’s not time for change, because that’s always happening. But it’s time to be the changemaker. To embrace, cultivate and release the power within. Time for all the book reading, note taking, video watching, contemplation, reflection, prayers, tears, and effort to bear fruit.

That doesn’t mean the work is done, only that it changes, revs up, takes on new meaning, and new responsibility. WOW, as I typed the word “responsibility” my fingers slowed down, like my whole body felt the heaviness of the implication. Taking full, non-judgmental responsibility for where things stand in my life right now. No blame awarded to any people, relationships, jobs, or social circumstances, just ownership. It’s the non-judgmental part that seems to trip most of us up. But that’s just a trick of the ego who’s become comfortable with where things stand.

If you choose ownership of your life, it comes hand in hand with the responsibility to make wiser decisions for your life. This year, I will be asking WWID (What Would I Do?), What would the highest version of myself do? For instance, one of my goals (again) is fitness. If I was the version of myself that is fit and active, what would I do when I get out of bed, what would I eat? If I make higher choices on a daily basis, my life (and my body) would look completely different at the end of this year.

Making better choices is not a guarantee of a problem free future, but we have the ability to change so deeply that we begin to see circumstances and opportunities, rather than troubles and difficulty. Within the neutral mind lies immense power, but it takes daily practice.

My plan for 2020 is to support myself with cleaner fuel for this journey. That will be by not only eating better, but upping my game in areas like exercise, personal and spiritual growth, and how I show up in this life.

Whatever your goals are for this amazing year ahead, I encourage you to surround yourself with whatever reminds you of the light you came here to be.

Blessings on your journey!


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