Looking Back At The Tunnel

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The last thing I remember is gazing longingly at the pinhole light at the end of what seemed like an awfully long tunnel, a pipe dream filled with as much joyful anticipation as there was frequent disappointment, but I pressed on.

So much focus on this singular goal that even as I neared the end of the tunnel, I still only noticed a pinpoint of light. I remember going through tunnels as a kid and being so excited about the strange experience; the echoing sounds and lights rushing by. It all culminated in a burst of nearly blinding light as we emerged on the other side. As kids we were so engaged in the experience, we were fully aware we exited the tunnel.

It doesn’t seem to be the same for mental and emotional tunnels we may enter. No matter the reason for their existence, sometimes we allow our mental and physical nature to be altered by the tunnels we create, be it by goal or perception. Like me, many people don’t realize they can turn around and see the tunnel back in the distance, because physically they’re still hunched over like in a small space and mentally still prepared for the next disappointment. As I look back at the tunnel now, I can’t help but wonder what I was thinking and doing the day I emerged; the day I met my dream, but was too desensitized to notice and too weary to celebrate.

Maybe these tunnels aren’t simply a path we must take to reach a certain place, goal, or dream. But rather, the tunnel is more of a construct built of our own fears and lack of self-worth, grouted together by the stories we are accustomed to telling ourselves about what is possible for us. The unmistakable burst of light upon exiting is a final recognition of our worthiness and realization of our Divine nature. It’s the universe celebrating our acceptance of what it wanted to hand us way back there, but we were too busy lengthening the tunnel.

Today, standing tall in the sunlight, I can look back at the tunnel with gratitude for the experience, gifts, and knowledge I gained and can put to good use. My dream is no longer a goal, but a partner, and we are walking boldly into the next chapter.

Are you traveling through a tunnel right now? Or did you emerge a while back but didn’t notice? Look up dear one, hold out your arms. Let the sunlight embrace you, the breeze cleanse you, and the earth support you. You are loved beyond measure. NOW, go confidently where your heart leads.

Blessings on your journey!

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