May Flowers

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As the saying goes, “April showers bring May flowers.”

What kind of showers have you been walking through? Have they been physical, mental, emotional, all the above? Today is about celebrating the big and small signs that better days are ahead. The work you’ve been doing is about to pay off. The suffering you may have been experiencing has groomed you for a life of compassion. The dark days that have consumed you are leaving behind wisdom that could not have been attained any other way. Our “April showers” can come in all kinds of experiences, and durations.

Physically, an injury may have derailed your plans, but now you’re finally healing. You may have started the year off with a new routine that has challenged you, but the results of your efforts are becoming evident.

Mentally, worry or frustration that have plagued you are slowly being replaced with confidence and self-reliance because you’ve learned to listen to your inner truth. You’re beginning to focus on what really matters and no longer allow the rest to consume you.

Emotionally, a season of sadness, or years of loneliness are fading as you are realizing your worth and honoring your needs. You are no longer seeking approval from others but relying on your inner peace to guide and sustain you.

May brings color and vibrancy back to our days in the form of flowers, but don’t forget to be grateful for the showers in April that nourished their roots, helped them grow and stand tall. The storms, dark days, and previous tears are all powerful cleansers that strip away false identities, limiting beliefs, and emotional baggage. Thich Nhat Hanh said, “No mud, no lotus.” We are no different. Many of the people we admire have waded through their own mud. Their experience gave them insights and compassion that they turned into their greatest strengths. We admire them because of how they choose to use those strengths, but rarely consider how they struggled through their own mud to master that way of being.

Give thanks for all the things that contributed to the strength and inner wisdom you now possess. Take a moment today to appreciate how far you’ve come. Celebrate the life that is beginning to flower.

Blessing on your blossoming journey!

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