Meet Me Down The Rabbit Hole

Julie Schnell

Robert Frost once penned -

Two roads diverged in a wood, and I – I took the one less traveled by, and that has made all the difference.

My story is more like… Two roads diverged in a wood, and I - I headed down the rabbit hole…

Although there have been many times and projects throughout my life when I felt guided, the past couple of years have been more intense and accelerated in that area. With a willingness to learn and grow, I’ve had many things come into my life that have expanded my vision.

For me, heading down a rabbit hole always begins with a step into uncharted territory. Not un-untraveled as it were, just new to me. Something flashes in front of me that sparks inspiration or curiosity, and I choose to learn more. That process fuels ideas and brings new energy. As I begin to formulate what I can do with this new knowledge, something else pops up that causes a slight course correction and a turn further down the rabbit hole. Before I know it, I’m somewhere I could have never imagined, but am so grateful for the experience. It seems the path to what my soul must share in this life is a labyrinth, sprinkled with sparkling messages from my guides to help me make the right (or necessary) turns.

A rabbit hole is like the road less traveled, but it feels faster to me. A quickening of sorts. Not the kind that feels hurried and frantic, but magical and inspiring. A rapid succession of learning and turning. You never know if the turn will build upon what you just learned, modify it, or replace it all together with something even better.
The replacement is so good it’s hard to feel bad about wasting time on the original because it was the steppingstone needed to get to the new place.

Life is a journey, and journeys require movement. Steppingstones are only a path. They were never meant to become your home. May you fully embrace the road less traveled, the path where you walk in your own truth amidst the chaos of the world around you. But I’d encourage you to accept the invitation of any inspiring rabbit holes along the way. They offer nuggets of wisdom, experience, and a deepening of strength you can use when you eventually return to your path. Maybe the road and the rabbit hole are just seasons of the same glorious lifetime.

Whatever route you choose, may it spark the joy that resides within you. Maybe one day our paths will cross, and we’ll take a rabbit hole together. Until then –

Blessings on your journey!


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