Preparing the Manger

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Christians have just entered the Advent season, a period of preparation for the celebration of the birth of Jesus Christ at Christmas. But how deep does the preparation go?

In many churches and homes, the manger is kept empty until Christmas Eve. Finally, baby Jesus is gently placed in the manger for Mary, Joseph, the wise men, and all the rest to adore. Then, a few weeks later, after the Epiphany, the manger scene and all the other decorations get packed away for another year.

But is it possible that WE are the manger? Do we remain empty, or fulfill only basic needs, until we realize, accept, and claim the divine spark within us? Once we do, the angels sing and we become magnets, attracting wise men who seek to join with us and advance our cause.

Not unlike the King of Kings being born into a lowly manger, the divine nature of the universe has chosen to be born into each of us, to dance on the earth. Even when many lives are lived without expressing their fullest potential, this divine spark never gives up and keeps coming through.

If you knew you were going to be a manger, wouldn’t you want to be the one that cradled the Christ Child? Here’s the Good News – you are!

Prepare ye the way!
Prepare you, the way.
Prepare yourself, for you are the way.

You are the way the divine universe expresses itself on earth. Prepare your manger and welcome your divine self to be birthed into a world that is in desperate need of your particular spark.

Wishing you all the blessings your manger can hold,

Julie Schnell

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