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Basic needs are often described as things which sustain us physically like air, water, and food. There are also intangible needs such as love and sense of purpose. While we are here on earth to explore and enjoy this beautiful playground, we each came with certain gifts, abilities, and talents. And even when our physical needs are amply met, it is possible to sense an inner starvation when these gifts are not used or are allowed to wither away.

As our physical heartbeat feeds our bodies, using our own innate and unique wisdom to benefit ourselves and others nurtures our soul and gives meaning to our lives. It’s a current rushing within us that can expand a smile from the lips through the eyes and touch others through the joy of service that comes from sharing the treasure only you came here to share. If we each spent more time using these gifts to enhance the world around us, the inner transformation would translate into a more joyful, peaceful collective experience.

But sometimes reality means doing things that don’t feed your soul just so you can feed your family. It may mean spending hours getting through the day, coming home drained, but being able to pay the electric bill. Because of the uncertainty of these current times and the anxiety it can foster, we may begin to choose survival over thriving until little by little the spark of genius we were born with fades into a smoldering ember.

If your life switch is set to survival mode, it’s time to recharge. To preserve the masterpiece you came here to be, it’s important to set aside time to fan your inner flame. Five minutes here, half an hour there can have a profound effect on your soul and can even bring a different energy to the daily grind you may be enduring.

Mother Nature has a mysterious way of reminding you who you are while relaxing you enough to remember what brings you joy. Dive into her waters, walk in her sand, sit under her trees. As you recall the things that bring you to life, find a way to schedule time for them on a regular basis. Reinvent your story by recharging your soul.

Blessings on your journey!

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