Rhythm of Truth

Julie Schnell Rhythm Truth

Amid turmoil, stress, and anxiety, there is a steady rhythm deep within. Unshakable by bad news and an uncertain future, this beat drums on. Sometimes mine sounds soft, allowing my breath to be heard. Other times it’s loud enough to drown out any onslaught of fear that may be trying to seep in.

Borrowing from Oprah, I just had the urge to write, “You have a beat, and you have a beat, and you have a beat…” We are each a special home to our unique rhythm, whether we realize it or not. Some may use a drum, sing a song, write, dance, listen, love… There is something in you that has the ability to rise above the chaos of the day. And unfortunately, though this current one may be daunting and unlike anything we’ve ever seen, when we’re on the other side of it, something else will come.

So now is the perfect time to work on, or maybe uncover, your rhythm of truth. It will be different for each of us, so I can only share my experience with you as an example. A couple of months ago, I finally picked up a small 12” hand drum I purchased last year. It had been sitting on a shelf except for a few random times of trying it out, but I didn’t feel like I knew what I was doing so I didn’t pick it up very often. This has turned into a valuable lesson not to judge myself in these situations. Something in me was drawn to getting a drum, though I didn’t know why, and didn’t even feel strongly enough at the time to figure it out. But a few months later, when the time was right for me, it was there, and I was ready.

When I first started, I played along with a video to help build my confidence and learn how the drum works. Only a few days later I started playing on my own. I stumbled quite a bit at first but kept at it. Then one day, I put a string of taps together that my entire body responded to. I distinctly recall a wave of peace rush through me, then excitement, quickly followed by a concern of whether I could duplicate it or if it was just a fluke.

But It came back, and I smiled as I continued playing until the rhythm felt fully connected with what was dancing inside me. This precious time has now become a 10-15-minute daily practice and more when I can. The time flies so quickly I’m always surprised when the bell rings. It’s a beat that I find myself turning to throughout the day, even when I don’t have the drum. It’s peaceful, energizing, and unique to me.

What’s your rhythm? I know you have one. If you’re reading this, you have one. It may not be a drum, but there is something inside you that always knows all is well. If you uncover it, work with it, ingrain it into your conscious mind, it will help you navigate the choppy and occasionally tsunami-like days that have been affecting us as a collective body.

Imagine a world where each person lives from their internal rhythm, the truth of their soul. It doesn’t have to be grandiose, or even something anyone else understands. What’s something that brings you to life and reveals your inner light? My drum was under $30, nothing fancy, but it helped me connect to something priceless within. I hope you’re inspired to do the same.

Especially for you - Relax into a meditative space and allow this rhythm to bring forth the rhythm that resides in your own soul. (10 min.)

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