Sands of Time

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Last month I stepped gently into my mid-fifties. On many levels it feels like time is whizzing by, but on others it feels frozen, or at least stuck in a loop. The loop of an old, habitual record. You may be familiar with them. Stories that morph just enough that you think something new is happening, only to figure out the actors have changed, but the storyline remains the same. What’s the common denominator? My mindset.

We live in a world of dichotomies; light/dark, up/down, good/bad, just to name a few. But have you ever considered that time also falls into this earthly trap? Here, on earth, time is of the essence. We have things to accomplish and only so much time to get them done, “Only so many hours in a day,” while our soul is free from this pressure to perform and meet these man-made deadlines. I’ve had my share of long to-do lists. So long that attempting everything on the list was setting myself up for failure. Experience, as well as choosing to connect with my inner wisdom, has shown me time and time again that what needs to get done will, and what doesn’t get done was not needed, or simply meant for another time. And it’s all ok. That’s not to say we shouldn’t strive to make changes or improvements to our daily habits in order to live our best life, but we have the ability to do so without condemning ourselves (or others) when we slip up.

Our youngest son and his girlfriend recently came for a visit. We live ten minutes from the beach and there is a lot to do in the area. It was easy to get caught up in efforts to fit everything into a few days off and end up feeling like working overtime and needing a vacation after the vacation. Imagine you knew you would be visiting your favorite place on a regular basis, guaranteed. Wouldn’t it naturally take the pressure off of having to fit all the places, shopping, and food into one trip? The trip automatically becomes more relaxed…kind of what a vacation is supposed to feel like. What if today was enough? What if you greeted the morning with enthusiasm for the promise it holds and allowed a child-like anticipation of the opportunities to grow each and every second of the day?

As I chose the photo of the hourglass on the beach for this post, Spirit reminded me that the glass contains only a small portion of sand compared to what covers the beach. Break the glass and become one with the wisdom of your expansive soul. Timing is everything and it’s nothing at the same time. It’s everything because we are here on earth and the frame of reference helps us all live and work here together. But to our soul, whose thoughts are on a cosmic level, this is just a brief vacation on the other side of the stars. So brief that concern and stress about lifetime accomplishments fade away. After all, it’s not our first trip, and it won’t be our last.

Blessings on your journey(s)!

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