Take the Floor

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Janet Jackson said, “Gimme a beat!”

Madonna instructed, “Strike a pose.”

And Tears for Fears told us to “Shout.”

You are the music, the dancer, and the voice, wrapped up in a body filled with emotions and stress that may rarely allow you to feel, let alone live up to, your truest potential. In this holodeck we call life on earth, you are the creator, the scenery, and the one experiencing everything you think and speak into existence.

Your birth into this life was accompanied with a magnificent gift for the world, one only you can share. Most of us get so wrapped up in the circumstances of life and conforming to the boxes that others made for us that it can be difficult to uncover that unique thing that is ours to give. But it’s an essential piece of the puzzle! Not only will the world be better for your sharing it, but you will also evolve your own soul’s journey as you release what has been waiting to burst forth.

Waiting patiently is the one who needs to hear your words, the one who needs to feel your honesty, and the one who needs to acknowledge their own gift you give them the courage to discover by sharing your own.

The evolution of a soul is a dance of learning and unlearning, of gaining and releasing. A small timeframe of our spiritual journey takes place in this world where we are offered every opportunity to focus on our humanity rather than our spiritual essence. But the spark of your true nature cannot be dimmed. It will quietly wait for your acknowledgement, even indulge your earthly goals, knowing your inner truth is only paused for a short time, until you hear the whisper of your soul’s truth.

Once heard, the whisper becomes louder and louder as you find your footing and the courage to take the path that is only yours to take. The way may not be clear, but your soul knows the way, your heart will guide you, and the way will become more visible as you move forward. So beat your drum, take your position, and speak your truth. Let your dance come to life. It’s time for you to take the floor.

May each step be filled with joy!

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