The Power of Momentum

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Today marks a milestone of a journey I began on January 1, 2021. A few weeks before then, I decided that January would be the month I would finally step into the world of Instagram to promote Taking notes from my mentors, I wrote a list of things I wanted this platform to focus on. What does it take to return these magnificent gifts we call our bodies to a state of vibrant health and self-healing many of us have not known since we were infants? What feeds the mind, body, and soul?

So, in December I sat down to make a list of the topics I felt were important to integrate into this journey of returning to our divinely given ability to heal naturally: raw food, movement, hydration, inspirational books & quotes, energy healing, earth elements like crystals and grounding, and raising your frequency to name a few. I spread these topics out over the month until I had a plan, then came the fun part – creating the graphics. In a matter of days, I had a post ready for each day. After that it was time to put myself out there and hit “schedule.” The end of January came, and I started the process over for February, always being encouraged by the flow of ideas, like a gift for just showing up to be a conduit. I was comforted that I didn’t really have to come up with all this on my own. I just needed to show up consistently with an open heart and a willingness to use the technology I’m familiar with to bring these thoughts, ideas, and inspirations to life.

Today, at day 60 of daily content going out to Instagram, Facebook, and Pinterest, what I’ve realized is the joy that I’ve experienced in the hours I have spent allowing Spirit to flow through me as I create…plan…schedule…and share this simple message: We are all Naturally Created to Heal.

We live in a world where we are constantly told that others know what is best for us, and THEY profit from our adherence. Convenience is king, and we happily microwave minutes of our lives away so we can get to the couch faster to binge watch our latest show, only occasionally using our muscles to stretch for the remote. I want Naturally Created to Heal to be a daily reminder of our divine essence. As Mahalia Jackson once said, “God don’t make no junk.”

These days are filled with distractions and it’s easy to lose sight of what we want or feel it’s unattainable, but it’s consistency in our movement towards our goals that takes us to the finish line. Most of what we must do is unlearn years of bad habits, change mindsets that have kept us weak, insecure, and externally focused. Learn to reach within for answers rather than always turning to people in lab coats, suits, or even gurus. But what seems to trip us up the most is the need for convenience and comfort. We go to great lengths to maintain these ways of existing, all to create a life where all we’re doing is existing, rather than thriving.

Thriving requires us to be challenged to continually grow in all aspects of life. Our potential is limitless, but many times we see where we’d like to be as too difficult to accomplish, so why bother. A small step taken daily can not only help us reach our goal but stretch beyond it, because the momentum multiplies the power of our efforts.

Pick a goal you’ve been wanting to accomplish for some time and before you do anything, give yourself permission to commit some daily focused attention on that goal. Don’t worry about what anyone else will say or whether they approve. If you won’t fight for your dreams, no one else will. When you begin to thrive, the higher frequency you emit will be contagious and give others permission to do the same.

Blessings on your momentous journey!

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