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A month is gone in the blink of an eye. Where do you stand on the goals you’ve made for yourself? Are you pressing forward steadily? Have you been working at it half-heartedly? Or are your goals a distant memory?

I must admit, January started off with a bang. I felt a ton of inward and outward momentum. Then, about halfway through things started to shift. A goal or two fell off, while others were deepened, or a more exciting fit replaced an original goal. There were a few days of struggle because my mind was saying, “Oh, here we go, another resolution gone by the wayside…why do you even bother?”

But this time was different. This time my inner strength put my ego in check & expressed the positive benefits of the transition. Going deeper into 2-3 goals, has been far more rewarding than shallowly executing 5-6, just to put a checkmark on a calendar.

We’re only one month into a new year. Not just that, a new decade. How is your journey unfolding so far? Do you even realize you get a say in what it looks like? In order to have a say in the direction of your life, you must show up and take responsibility for it. There is so much momentum in this new energy. It’s never too late to make small changes in your daily habits that have the potential to reward you with massive differences in your circumstances in a few short months.

No matter what your goals are or where you would like to be, an accelerant to obtaining them is to love who, what, and where you are right now. Seek, acknowledge, and celebrate the good in your life right now. Keep your focus there and watch more flow into your life. Eventually, where you want to be will become where you are.

Every ship needs a rudder, every car needs a driver. Your best life relies on your heart and soul steering your way toward the life you dream of. Start small. Be ready for rough winds of old patterns and raging seas of a fearful ego. Welcome course corrections for your highest good and embrace the challenge of charting new territory.

The possibility of your dream is inherent in its very existence. Don’t give up on it one month in. You cannot fail, you can only evolve. Every dream you have for your future starts with small steps you take today. Show up for your life and it will flourish for you.

Blessings on your journey!


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