You Are Stronger Than the Storm!

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It’s been quite a ride for the last year or so. Our lives have been turned upside down, routines thrown to the wayside, and eyes opened to darkness we never knew existed.

Some of you may have concerns that this upheaval is insurmountable and you’re wondering what the future holds. I, and many others, offer a gentle reminder that there is hope in each heartbeat and confidence in every day we greet with trust in the Creative Force that breaths through us and sees beyond our troubles into a brighter future.

Each one of us has a light to bring to this world through our unique gifts and talents. When you choose to shine your light in a way that benefits others, you help manage this storm as it recedes into memory and becomes just another part of our world history. While sharing your gifts, there are other things you can do to dampen the effects of the raging darkness.

First, turn off the news. The 24-hr news cycle only causes unnecessary anxiety by wrapping each piece of information in dramatic language and alarming graphics. While we should be informed, what we hear and see should be presented free of prejudice, pre-determination, or worse, herding us to a desired reaction of fear and unease.

Second, take care of yourself. Are you making time each day to treat your mind, body and soul with the love they need to sustain you through any storm? Relax your mind with quiet time and meditation. Treat your body to a nice walk or dance to your favorite song. When your mind and body relax, they create space for your soul to expand and offer guidance and insight you would have missed otherwise.

Third, breathe. This is basic, but so easily forgotten. Many of us spend most of our days breathing shallow, short slow breaths in the upper chest. This type of breathing sends the body a signal that things are not okay, or even dangerous, and promotes physical stress. By consciously taking in deep breaths into your belly, you communicate a sense of safety, as if you have the time and presence of mind to truly smell the roses, without worrying about being late for something.

Fourth, forgive. Yes, even that person, or those people. Especially anyone who came to mind as you read the word forgive, and thought no way, anyone but them. Holding any grudges, anger, and/or resentments toward anyone only blocks any progress you may have made practicing the previous three suggestions.

This life on earth is such a brief visit for our soul. It wants to joyfully experience all the opposites that life here has to offer. Being the light within each of us, it already knows that darkness is fading. But don’t expect it to go quietly or willingly. Find ways to send love and light to the darkness. Like a sore loser, it is only lashing out as it realizes its inevitable loss. Be a gracious winner for you are stronger than any storm it can bring.

Blessings on your journey!

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